COVID-19 Safety Info for Our Mobile Clinics

COVID-19 Safety Info for Our Mobile Clinics

Howdy! In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Vanguard has implemented the following COVID-19 safety protocol(s) at our mobile vaccination clinics. Please adhere to these protocol(s) when visiting our clinics to ensure your safety, the safety of our employees and your fellow clients!

Vanguard Employee Protocol(s)

Each of our employees have been provided with masks that they are required to wear during the duration of their shift(s). In addition to this we’ve equipped each of our mobile units with Rescue cleaning solution ( which our employees have been instructed to use throughout the duration of our event(s) to disinfect equipment surfaces. Lastly, we have provided our staff with hand sanitizer and require they wash their hands thoroughly and frequently.

Client & Patient Protocol(s)

As of June 22, 2020 many counties and cities across the state of Texas are requiring all businesses in their communities to require their clients to wear face coverings. So effective immediately, our mobile clinics will be unable to serve any clients who are not wearing proper face coverings. Also, if you plan on attending one of our mobile vaccination clinics, we ask that you please limit one family member per pet(s), when you arrive at one of our clinics there will be removable social distancing placards placed on the ground that designate where clients and their pet(s) should stand while waiting in line. Lastly, if you’re sick or experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms, which can be found here (, we ask you to please refrain from visiting one of our mobile vaccination clinics.

By following these protocols, we will remain Vanguard Strong!

For more information on our mobile vaccination clinics, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.