Dog Vaccinations
Package A: Rabies 1 Year $10
                   Rabies 3 Year  $20
                   (Where Approved)
Package B: Rabies, DHPPV  $25
Package C: Rabies, DHPPV,
                   Intranasal Bordetella $37
Package D: Rabies, DHPPV, Intranasal 
                   Bordetella, Canine Influenza  $61
Also available:  
                    Lyme Disease Vaccine $26
                    Rattlesnake Vaccine $24.50
$6 heartworm test with negative results and purchase of  1 year supply of heartworm prevention per pet

                           Cat Vaccinations
Package A: Rabies 1 Year $10
                   Rabies 3 Year $20
                   (Where Approved)
Package B: Rabies, FVRCPC  $21
Package C: Rabies, FVRCPC, FeLV  $38
Package D: Rabies, FVRCPC, FeLV, 
                   FIV  $59


Ask us about our Heartworm Specials

For dogs over 6 months of age, a negative heartworm test must have been performed by our clinic before we can dispense heartworm medication.

Due to changing prices in medications, please phone for current prices - 210-653-3660.

We offer Puppy & Kitten vaccinations!

We can begin puppy vaccinations at 6 weeks of age & kitten vaccinations at 9 weeks of age 
but all pets must be at least 12 weeks of age before receiving a rabies vaccination.

Vaccinations will NOT be provided to pets with a history of previous reactions to vaccinations.

For safety, please have pets on leash or in carrier.

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